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The caregivers completed training rosters and pre- and/ or postsurveys.

Students were provided a class roster that listed separately the names of boys and girls.

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A prestigious roster of international architects lends status vĩ đại the project and client commissioning the work, and enhances the truyền thông appeal of the undertaking.

Every 100th male inmate and every 10th female inmate on the roster after that inmate was a candidate for recruitment that day.

It meant escape from mere victim status, inclusion in the roster of historical actors.

According vĩ đại this method, legislators who did not appear on the previous year's roster were coded as new legislators.

A huge roster of factors seems relevant, far beyond what we can consider.

Varying the roster finesse may have arrived at a different result.

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The basic rosters of scientific experts, as well as their arguments, remained unchanged.

Researchers were given only the roster numbers of students for whom parental permission had been obtained.

The credits on the cover of this disc permit his name vĩ đại enter the composer roster of record catalogues.

To compile these tables, we compared committee rosters vĩ đại individual-level data collected (and reported above) for legislators in each of these states.

Overall, however, women featured more on the roster of ritual victims.

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Both labels were headed by musicians who, in addition vĩ đại managing successful artist rosters, recorded and released their own material.

There is a mô tả tìm kiếm of the duties and authority assigned vĩ đại each post within the institution and a roster of all who served on it.

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