sacrifice là gì

There were private sacrifices to tát a particular imperial house or family.

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Occasional imprecise splicing can generate new proteins assembled from parts of old ones without sacrificing the original genes.

In sacrificing marriages deemed undesirable and striving for economic independence, women frequently displayed a ' waywardness ' and boldness that signified their growing strength and resilience.

Moreover, this high-cost sugar was only obtained by sacrificing a larger tonnage, with a lower unit cost, in the next harvest.

Failure to tát tự this sacrifices accuracy for simplicity; realities get replaced with poor simulacra of themselves.

They required a solution to tát the problem of how to tát minimize the risks of overexposure to tát princely rule without sacrificing its benefits.

She abruptly sacrifices the passive, feminine world of the vanity table for military action.

There is also the question of "symbolic" sacrifices.

The ' team' comes first, and this ethos demands sacrifices.

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Such women should have refrained from extra-pair mating, sacrificing some genetic benefits they might otherwise have obtained.

In many cases believers are not sacrificing at all, but simply (and rationally) exchanging goods or labor for desired services.

Education is prized as a means of getting a position with a good salary and parents make considerable sacrifices for their children11.

An emphasis in section 3 is on how abstraction capabilities can be supported without sacrificing concreteness.

Excepting perhaps the fetuses that are aborted as a result of such a program, no one would be asked to tát make sacrifices.

Utilitarianism does not, therefore, tự justice to tát what is lost for the individual who sacrifices her own nonmoral commitments.

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