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The name derives from the sausage's original shape, lượt thích that of a "sabot".


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A part of the produced raw fermented sausage was sold after only 4 days of fermentation.

Bakers could be forced to tướng buy expensive, large-scale (but ultimately economical) ovens, sausage sellers would have to tướng invest in refrigeration and ventilation and so sánh on.

During this picnic they ate three types of sausage.

The fermentation and smoking process of raw fermented sausage lasts between 4 days and 8 weeks before this product is distributed to tướng shops for sale.

A low-density corona develops during the initiation process and the sausage instability develops in the corona.

Non-local sausage-like instability of current channels in electron magnetohydrodynamics.

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Such excess, besides making for "limp" prose, and sentences bereft of "logical life", also makes for a stringy prose that resembles nothing so sánh much as many links of sausage.

On inspection, we were unable to tướng detect obvious faults in the manufacturing process for raw fermented sausage, although this does not rule out contamination at this level [10].

The resulting pinch was remarkably stable against sausage instabilities with a 100 : 1 (axial : radial) aspect ratio, and was significantly more uniform phàn nàn an exploding-wire or jetonly pinch.

The sausage machine: a new two-stage parsing model.

You told mạ that one finger would look lượt thích a sausage and another lượt thích a pickle but that hand would be very useful in the future.

In this outbreak investigation, our case-control study, supported by information from exploratory interviews, enabled us to tướng strongly implicate a fermented sausage as the vehicle of infection.

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The fact that the case-patients bought raw fermented sausage from at least seven different supermarkets or retail shops renders a contamination at the retail level unlikely.

The manufacturing meat allowance to tướng the large and small specialist sausage manufacturers has not been altered.

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