season là gì

She was in seasons 4-10 and 13.

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I did a lot in 193233 and followed it up with a great season on the gridiron.

A sore elbow in his pitching arm derailed his season.

The play-off format was changed for the 2008 season.

In 2008, a desalination plant was commissioned đồ sộ meet the water demands of the summer tourist season.

You know, he's had five of his eight seasons where he has thrown 16 interceptions or more.

The next two seasons she said were best forgotten as she battled through the stress fracture and glandular fever.

In previous seasons, they struggled through the summer period.

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He had played for the club for the past three seasons.

She seasons it with saffron and serves it with rice.

Space heaters, as you know, are out of season right now but fire education is year round.

The only way you can get tomatoes is đồ sộ get it when in season and preserve it when it is out of season.

But out of season, many of the towns are much quieter.

Having strawberries out of season superficially appeals, but makes them much less special.

Today may be the last time you can get them, since tomatoes are about đồ sộ go out of season.

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