security guard là gì

The trang chính is surrounded by a fence, and a security guard was at the gate every 24 hours.

The robot is described as 'child-like' and has been designed to tướng combine the roles of nurse, companion, and security guard.

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The security guard said he didn't allow/see anyone to tướng enter the building.

It would be extremely foolish for this country to tướng lower its security guard by sacrificing that protection.

Does he question the security guard before making a decision?

Together with a security guard they lifted má down the steps.

But another example would be a security guard guarding an empty building and working long hours on a basic rate of £2·50 an hour.

One could well have the need to tướng gain access through a security guard who would not be an occupier but an authorised person.

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Internal audit procedures are undertaken by staff with appropriate training and security guard services are provided by a mixture of departmental staff and private companies.

For example, for a security guard, the rate is £2.30 per hour.

I remember vividly a security guard coming to tướng my advice surgery.

There was a case a couple of months ago of a reputable company which hired a security guard working in a nài.

Another was for a security guard at £2 an hour.

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A security guard who spent đôi mươi years in the armed forces and fought for his country is now unemployed.

The position of the civilian security guard is no different from that of any other person.

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