seniority là gì

During this period five captains of lesser seniority were promoted.

Benefits continue through the sabbatical period, including accruing seniority.

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Although lieutenants are no longer ranked by seniority, the post of first lieutenant remains.

Aside from issues of lineage, descent, seniority and "mana", this plan foundered.

These workers had to tướng follow a strict hiring process based on union seniority and the labor that was needed.

He had 108 tackles, 6 interceptions along with 3 forced fumbles in his senior season.

For senior status, gang members must have been active for at least five years and been elected by at least three other senior members.

He left high school in his senior year and hitchhiked around the country.

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In his senior career, he made 661 appearances (88 as substitute) and scored 210 goals.

Between 1950 and 1964 in technical trades there was a rank of senior technician which was the equivalent of a sergeant.

One of the youngest is a cutthroat 18-year-old female while the oldest is a senior citizen who often wishes for an additional turn.

Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus, or the young child walking home page from school.

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The museum offers programming for patrons of all ages, from child to tướng senior citizen, as well as không tính phí admission to tướng the public for all exhibitions.

They began to tướng play in other senior citizen facilities, at veterans' homes and hospitals.

Admission is four dollars per adult, three dollars per student or senior citizen, with children under the age of five being không tính phí.