sideboard là gì

The next two productions allow to lớn fix a required number of sideboards, which should be placed close to lớn each other.

All plain cooked vegetables are also handed round from the sideboard.

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If one goes into a showroom today, one cannot but notice, for example, that sideboards are exactly the same height, breadth and length.

If you may drink any of the drinks on a particular sideboard, you have not got to lớn swallow the lot.

Luckily, only two objects were lost; namely, a portrait and a sideboard which were too large to lớn move from the rooms during the restoration work.

There were things such as a sideboard, a clock and an ironing board as well as a host of cutlery, bedding and sánh on.

I fear that night storage heaters may become the most expensive sideboards in the world.

One picture, one sideboard and an antique carpet appear to lớn have been lost.

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There was always a photograph on some sideboard of the service man, however much he hated his service while doing it.

We have lived with port on the sideboard and bread in the larder.

Perhaps he—right down to lớn his mutton-chop sideboards knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Would that mean putting in the bailiff and taking his bed and his sideboard?

The advantage of heavy wine is that it is economic to lớn buy and keep on the sideboard in a working man's house.

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My assistant made a telephone Gọi, and a người yêu thích was on my sideboard within moments.

Yet not everybody requires a settee and two chairs, nor a wardrobe, dressing-table and chest, nor a sideboard, table and four chairs.

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