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In recent years, however, unemployment has decreased steadily, at present being back at the low levels of the prosperous early 1970s, and employment has skyrocketed.

The unemployment rate skyrocketed, welfare recipiency expanded and various cutbacks and changes in social benefits and welfare services were introduced.

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The number of medium lớn large-scale formal sector contracting firms has skyrocketed in the last decade.

On aggregate, prices have not skyrocketed as some have argued.

In 1991-95, during demobilisation, ceasefire and the replacement of the old security forces, crime skyrocketed.

He contends that pension reforms are generally uncomfortable : economic globalization and demographic ageing exert considerable external pressures for adjustment through skyrocketing social costs.

These numbers also revealed that fatalities from automobiles were skyrocketing while other, more familiar causes of death, were declining.

Conferences and symposia were frequent, publications skyrocketed, and new scientific journals specifically dealing with alternatives were established.

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Also in 1871, the price of tin yêu had skyrocketed lớn 140 pounds a ton.

The result is that prices for funk records have skyrocketed in the last eight lớn nine years.

Prices on basic goods skyrocketed in the 1990s.

Since liberalization, the establishment of nurseries by family associations for very young children has skyrocketed in rural and presumably traditional areas.

The risk of death from heart disease is said lớn "skyrocket" and lớn be extremely high in postmenopausal women.

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If the legislative powers of the president had been extended lớn score 8, the share of non-partisans in the cabinet would have skyrocketed lớn 63.5 per cent!

These demographic, economic, and technologic developments are the growth of an aging population, society's need lớn control skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the formation of a comprehensive, global telecommunications network.

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