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Probabilities that are identical or only have slightly significant differences appear unmarked.

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The structures in (27b-d) represent a slightly different case.

Their current estimate was that the mass of the neutron should be increased slightly to tướng 1.001 amu.

In fact, their use of on slightly outweighs their use of nous (56% vs. 44%).

The mean age was slightly higher in 2002, particularly among women.

In some cases, it seems that the source was radically summarised, and in others, only slightly paraphrased.

Slightly over two-thirds left before two years had elapsed.

The term internalization is but a slightly disguised synonym of ingestion.

Perhaps the peak sensitivity of my long-wave cones is slightly displaced from that of yours.

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A considerable decline in the effect was observed when the same object was slightly translated in the visual field.

The slightly lower estimates that are often obtained could result from the inability to tướng learn the chunks quickly enough.

To put it in slightly different terms: p-dreams, despite being experiences, have no interesting biological function.

There it took on a slightly different meaning.

In fact, since languages are continually changing, a node only represents changes occurring just prior to tướng that point, during that time, or slightly after it.

The abdomen of the female was held straight out, with the ovipositor slightly raised.

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