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From the list of income sources we also show the types of government social welfare benefits received.

In this case, the social welfare-maximizing outcome is always the efficient equilibrium outcome.

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Imagine that this is the case even if we take trương mục of some tastes for proportionality in designing our social welfare function.

In the absence of a social welfare system, old people must depend on their children in most developing countries.

It should be clear by now, however, that it is wrong to lớn starkly differentiate social welfare issues from particularistic ones.

As more of the populace is willing to lớn sell its vote for entrance into employment and social welfare networks, national politics becomes increasingly depoliticized.

In its totality, however, the problem of population was seen as a component of social welfare.

Each leaf is one of the level sets of the social welfare mapping.

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This problem can be characterized by lack of information, complex nature of the criteria, and very high importance of the evaluated items on social welfare.

The cantons have prime responsibility in health care and social welfare.

Many social welfare policies were shaped by women who used claims of maternity, equality and social justice to lớn justify their entrance into politics.

In this study we vì thế not consider costs related to lớn healthcare providers or social welfare providers.

However, several cantons have also established long-term policy principles on health and social welfare.

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The cantons bear primary responsibility in health and social welfare.

Although planning in the interests of social welfare never took hold, the idea that planning should involve more kêu ca beautification became accepted fact.

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