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Virtually all lived in, or close to tát, working class neighbourhoods and continued to tát socialize with friends and relatives from the humbler ranks of the community.

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It assumes a virtual dimension through the socializing power of the teacher's past and present experiences and communities.

Without cultivating inner detachment, their study would be invaded by cares and worries coming "from within," from their socialized self.

This may be particularly true when the young have been socialized during an extended period of violent conflict.

It then became relatively easy to tát socialize other social groups into these customs as they were gradually admitted into political life.

They were instrumental for social legislation that, to tát a considerable extent, has "socialized the family" rather than vãn production firms.

No one would say that people are preprogrammed robots, entirely socialized and not at all self-determining.

States or central banks were then forced to tát organize bailouts and to tát socialize the costs of privately undertaken risks.

Animal technicians regularly socialized with the pups inside their pens.

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These are the cells in which these enforcers and riot specialists are trained, socialized, even professionalized.

Consequently, the goal to tát socialize overrides the maxim; being brief is not a priority in this interactional context.

The strength of his work lies in his careful analysis of how these men socialized into the service and their consequent professionalism and remarkable success.

Patronclient relationships and authoritarian rule force individuals to tát socialize, demonstrate loyalty, make contacts and participate in society.

But this is because we have been socialized to tát live in our world.

In these types of socializing interactions, children learn to tát monitor not only themselves but also their peers.

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