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The two began an intense collaboration that involved frequent site visits and meetings in his office, and socializing.

It assumes a virtual dimension through the socializing power of the teacher's past and present experiences and communities.

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Exercises include discussion, role-play, simulation, report writing, negotiating budgets and contracts, consumer surveys, small talk, social arrangements, telling anecdotes, exchanging opinions, and socializing.

Furthermore, insofar as socializing with peers is particularly reinforcing đồ sộ school-age children, isolation, even self-imposed, might give rise đồ sộ internalizing problems such as depression.

All of these factors may combine đồ sộ trương mục for the socializing impact of classmate aggression on student aggressive outcomes.

In these types of socializing interactions, children learn đồ sộ monitor not only themselves but also their peers.

Paradoxically, impassibility first appeared within the context of the one religion that had succeeded in socializing the experience of pain.

Audiotapes were made during significant socializing contexts which included bath time, homework, dinnertime, and playtime.

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But for those who attended his performances, it was his communion with his listeners - in addition đồ sộ socializing at banquets and picnics - which counted.

But they certainly can qualify as distributive considerations that lie behind the gradual process of 'socializing medicine' which he describes.

Finally, arsenal managers sought đồ sộ prevent workers from socializing on the cửa hàng floor.

The speech input was categorized into utterance types and it was observed that many utterances were used for socializing with the system.

By no means all of the socializing that took place in the home page was intimate mixing among friends.

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If this is the case, they have one less parent socializing them kêu ca children from nonviolent intact households.

The two main utterance categories, socializing and information-seeking, were examined sánh that the users' strategies could be studied more in detail.

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