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In these large-scale spectacles, traditional masks, individuality, and the interaction between audience and participants have largely lost their importance.

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Sensory impairments should be addressed, which may necessitate the patient having access to tướng spectacles or a hearing aid as appropriate.

Aerial performance derived from circus acts has become an indispensable part of large public spectacles.

In imag ining the thành phố, both spectacles explicitly cr iticise the way in which mechanical work divorces the individual from any meaningful participation in creation.

What was the equivalent of spectacles, the microscope, telescope, or the ear-trumpet?

One propensity common to tướng them all was a preference for showing spectacles rather kêu ca talking.

An interesting issue is the extent to tướng which bifocal and varifocal spectacles might be a contributory factor in falls on stairs.

After he finished with the woman, he charged the passers-by lượt thích crazy: he hit them, torn up their clothes, and broke their spectacles.

When viewed through age-sensitised spectacles, how does the tradition shape up ?

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A psychophysical and functional imaging study of adaptation to tướng inverting spectacles.

The wife of a clothier, she wore spectacles, wrote letters, owned books, and taught children to tướng read.

Next are the 'faux savants', all wearing gold spectacles; claiming science to tướng be infallible, they chant contemporary scientific words with obvious anachronism.

Two observers use their spectacles to tướng obtain good acuity; the third observer is emmetropic.

Urbanites learned of the new products and goods available to tướng them through print truyền thông, marketing spectacles, lượt thích raffles, and other forms of eye-catching public display.

In a way, these public spaces showcased spectacles, where passersby took in displays of leisure and consumption lượt thích spectators.

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