stagger là gì

With staggering numbers as these, it is not surprising that chemoprevention has been proposed as a viable strategy to lớn fight cancer.

The diversity is staggering: types of vegetation and associated management practices which range from commercial ranches to lớn traditional transhumance and nomadic systems.

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Extrapolating those numbers to lớn the world's population produces staggering estimates.

Consequently, the implementation of training was staggered for groups of students.

Furthermore, the axial staggers and the liên kết lengths were closely maintained.

The sheer quantity of dung might be staggering in urban areas in an era dominated by horse transport, cowsheds, minor piggeries, middens and cesspits.

He responds to lớn this provocation with an exposition of the authority of dreams that is staggering by contrast.

Despite this, many dealers earned staggering incomes by generating incredible turnovers.

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Rather, he gives us unexpert sophistication: a village band staggering from solecism to lớn solecism in an ostentatiously banal and trivial tune.

Following release of strain, the characteristic staggered arrangement was recovered, indicating that microfibril bundle elasticity is reversible.

One would imagine that the losses in human capital are staggering.

The amount of food and supplies needed to lớn provision the royal entourage could be staggering.

Agriculture and the transport system were likewise soon staggering under the strains imposed by war.

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Envision this economy without staggering, that is, household unions fix the money wage for two periods, but they all reset it in the same period.

The two structures thus use the same pitches and note lengths, but staggered and overlapping differently.

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