stung là gì

The community is still stung by the announcement that this centre piece of its life is about to lớn be removed.

He has implied to lớn us that if we did get this report, we would be very badly stung and wish we had not seen it.

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In fact, that language was so sánh violent at times that most people would have been stung to lớn reply in kind.

He stung the taxpayers twice, first as a corrupt civil servant and then as a defendant on legal aid.

One of the ponies was stung by a bee and bolted, frightening the other three.

If there is to lớn be proper choice, they should be able to lớn elect for one thing or the other—they should not be stung by both.

There is one body toàn thân which, perhaps in consequence of this controversy, has been stung into action.

A man trying to lớn build a bungalow is stung for an enormous charge in respect of a totally unreal value of the land.

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I have been stung by an ant, a stinging nettle, a cleg, a wasp and a bee.

In spite of the fact that certain shops and yards were affected, the production held on magnificently, because the people were stung to lớn angry activity.

We are dealing with the taxpayer's money, and it seems that the taxpayer is getting stung both ways.

Not only vì thế they not get their money back, but they get "stung".

If they were irrelevant there is no reason why he should be stung lượt thích lightning into a response.

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Will he tư vấn abolition and will he apologise to lớn all the pensioners who will be stung yet again by his dreadful stealth charges?

I know that there are moments when, stung by a just indignation, our people see red.

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