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Outsourcing became a huge factor for survival for many smugglers and opium farmers.

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In the case of borderline tumors confined vĩ đại the ovary and malignant tumors without invasion, the survival rates are 90% or greater.

Infants are weaned during the wet season vĩ đại ensure the best chances of survival.

Environmental factors influence organisms vĩ đại develop new characteristics vĩ đại ensure survival, thus transforming into new species.

Survival rates of patients diagnosed with oral cancer have not significantly improved in decades.

The soundtrack has largely survived in trang chủ video clip format, some of the tracks were actually bootlegged by audiences who have watched the show itself.

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Many half-timbered houses (mainly of the 16th century) survive in the old town.

While most of its buildings were destroyed by a wildfire in 1985, the ranch's 1945 dining hall survives.

However, he survives and the wound heals rapidly due vĩ đại his magic.

None of the original decoration survived the reconstruction of the west pavilion in 1935.

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