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The visual environment was a normal laboratory environment, which was enriched with a wide variety of appropriate visual and tactile stimuli.

With tactile sensors the collisions can be detected.

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The seeming incongruity between the visual and the tactile can be explained by the laws of refraction.

In the present system, the neuron model, emulating the human tactile sensation, is used for fine step-height measurement.

The size and pitch between two adjacent tactile elements of the array are 10 x 13 and 3 milimet, respectively.

To obtain specifications for this type of tactile display, we performed a series of psychophysical experiments in which figures and striped virtual textures were presented.

We also plan vĩ đại use visual perception combined with force and tactile sensing for a multimodal acquisition of skills.

Therefore, the present gray-scale method is effective for the micro-tactile sensor.

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In an effort vĩ đại solve the above problem, this study is aimed at developing a three-axis tactile sensor for mounting on a microscope-shaped micro-robot.

In the present system, recognition of a contour shape is accomplished with robotic active motion and tactile sensing.

To overcome these problems, we have developed a tactile cell having a homogeneous distribution of stimulation pins, which are 0.8 milimet in diameter.

Thus, we have developed two kinds of matrix-type experimental tactile displays in order.

In the present paper, we intend vĩ đại obtain optimal specifications for designing a tactile display and vĩ đại establish a method vĩ đại evaluate the display.

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Therefore, we conclude that the adjustment method is the most appropriate for evaluating tactile displays.

Mirrors, after all, play a not insignificant role in the articulation of his signature theory of the tactile imagination.

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