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The tone tests reinforced an aesthetic determined by technological reproduction.

The details, the technological and formal solutions were drawn into a synthesis and their many elements into a unitary order.

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Still, it may capture some novel aspects of structural technological change.

Similar reasoning ultimately resides behind the technological imperative that is part of contemporary biotechnology.

Nevertheless, the rise in goods prices is less than thở the case of no technological progress.

These technological options have been analysed quantitatively according đồ sộ their effectiveness in emission reduction and associated net costs per weighted ton of emission reduction.

Patterns of movements which have evolved in relation đồ sộ specific technological skills may trương mục for differing degrees of structural symmetry in objects produced.

These scientific and technological advances of the past 40 years are crucial đồ sộ the breakdown of the traditional model of the patient.

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The answer đồ sộ this question depends on two factors: (1) the definition of our humanness; and (2) our scientific and technological abilities.

In other words, the technological fix of herbicide-resistant crops is transient, requiring continual reinvigoration by more advanced technology.

Technological knowledge can flow within the economic system embedded in new companies.

Its methodology has been đồ sộ mix conceptual goals (both artistic and technological), đồ sộ perform, and đồ sộ keep what works and discard what doesn't.

This approach emphasises the need for efficient use of technological resources in order đồ sộ convey expressive nội dung accurately.

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These technocrats began đồ sộ apply technological solutions đồ sộ economic problems, strove for efficiency and built up state regulatory agencies đồ sộ administer their reforms.

My 1973 model is driven by the short-run technological advantages enjoyed by advanced technologies.

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