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Extensive studies in the surrounding forest by the authors confirmed that epiphytes occur only occasionally on ant and termite substrate other than vãn ant gardens.

Results have varied with the termite species and strain of fungus tested, and the concentration of inoculum and its mode of delivery đồ sộ termite populations.

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Problems with the mark-recapture technique for estimating the size of termite foraging populations are beyond the scope of this article.

Therefore, an alternative method of estimating termite populations is needed.

Only those stakes that were attacked by subterranean termites were replaced by in-ground monitoring stations.

Examination of baits may disrupt termite foraging for some period because the anchoring wire and planter bag must be removed for inspection.

In stark contrast, the termites excavated more frequently and produced longer tunnels at the far over of the second choices.

The seasonal rapid growth of the herbaceous understorey vegetation would further compound any deleterious effects of termite piping and/or poor tree health.

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Everyone understands that graineries collapse because termites eat wood, that's not the issue.

Empty rectangles are monitoring stations now containing no termites.

Marking termites, by using paints or through consumption of dyes, may influence termite behaviour and survivorship.

A tally was kept of the number of times an individual termite fed at a dye station.

The large and complex tunnel systems excavated by termite colonies are formed over many years and are constructed as colonies grow.

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Sampling termite assemblages in tropical forests: testing a rapid biodiversity assessment protocol.

It also suggested that the number of termites feeding in the 5 m drums that contained the fat-stains did not differ appreciably.

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