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This entails that political authority globally must be structured in the khuông of one or more exclusive territorial jurisdictions.

Territorial interests are also combined with these aforementioned values and goals.

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With it was destroyed the local basis that territorial representation had originally captured.

Ideology matters not just to tướng parties, but also to tướng governments, which represent both territorial interests and ideologies.

It has apical inflorescences, exposed in natural forest corridors, thereby facilitating discovery by the territorial and non-territorial hummingbirds that use the corridors as foraging paths.

Initially, the selection of the territorial integrity norm was contested.

In and of themselves, territorial districts were not expected to tướng define any meaningful particularity.

As has been noted earlier, neither partition nor territorial federalism are viable alternatives.

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We tested whether males and females demonstrated territorial behaviour by conducting repeated 15-min focal observations.

The first is well-defined and concrete, the mountains and rivers natural markers that stress territorial integrity and individuality.

The former refers to tướng a political system where the national government is sovereign relative to tướng its territorial units (if any).

The territorial state played a key role in this, sustaining some groups while eroding others.

There and elsewhere, territorial boundaries sliced across well-established networks of communication, trade, common traditions, and strong ties of kinship.

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The agricultural agent's jurisdiction, in contrast, had no limits because workers so sánh frequently fled across territorial boundaries.

Its economic infrastructure is still quite deficient and shows a low territorial mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa.

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