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That is, a person can describe both perceptions of the outside world and plans for action.

He is also one of the world's most recognised, and recognisable, physically challenged people.

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The use of parody enables the external world lớn 'enter' and disrupt the otherwise 'purely musical' discourse.

Its pupils came from all over the world.

These birds bởi not fly away when free; they (choose to) inhabit the human world, which protects them and gives them human meanings.

I think the ascetic world reinforced my feeling that they were important.

For even if features of the world were literally represented in brains/ minds, these representations would not explain cognition.

My argument in this article concerns mental representations of situations in the world, as these representations existed before language, and even before communication.

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This would lead lớn the formation of rich representations including not only our body toàn thân and the world, but the interaction between them.

The brain learns abstract representations of the world and then learns the optimal mappings between them.

The view from his window represents lớn him the view of the world.

Ideally, the medium is supposed lớn be precisely what the word indicates: a neutral, transparent conduit between the two worlds.

Ritual communication produces what it is assumed lớn portray, recreating the world by symbolic action, reinscribing the communication's participants within a world sustained by consensus.

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It follows that a theoretical hypothesis claims a similarity between a model and some part of the world.

Making buildings requires knowledge not only in the world of information exchange, but in the world of making things.

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