thesaurus là gì

A freely available automatically generated thesaurus of related words.

A multilingual thesaurus would be a useful instrument for understanding terms whose meanings are sometimes uncertain or have changed over time.

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This is because it uses a thorough but thesaurus-based approach rather than thở considering how a word can be used in natural language.

Related terms were identified using a thesaurus specially constructed for this task.

Thus, the current 'nested' interlocking 'tree-like' hierarchical structures of the site were developed, and the intended thesaurus became a từ khóa index.

Finally, systems may or may not rely on some independent repositories of lexico-semantic knowledge such as thesauri or taxonomies.

As we described in the introduction, compound terms may also be used, and extra terms can be added from a thesaurus.

It indexes the electronic design notebooks by using manually generated thesauri, that is, collections of related terms.

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But any thesaurus that we choose will contain comparatively few proper nouns, and a topical supplement would be desirable.

This is reflected in the differences between monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, and thesauri, which split senses along different lines.

Some of them are encoded in electronic thesauri and dictionaries.

For the thesauruses in these programs recognize far fewer forms than thở the spelling-checkers can, and only limited meanings for the forms they tự recognize.

Combining the elements of thesaurus, usage guide, lexicon and historical survey, it tells you everything you need to tát know.

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Precompiled thesauruses (most of them) identify equivalence and more general or specific relations.

Linguistic information is extracted from a corpus and a thesaurus.

Các ý kiến của những ví dụ ko thể hiện nay ý kiến của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hoặc của những mái ấm cho phép.