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The factory was modestly equipped, reaching a capacity of only trăng tròn tonnes a day.

In 1989-90, for example, the yield per farm varied from 62 tonnes đồ sộ 99 tonnes.

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Here she loaded 9200 tonnes of coal, amidst clouds of coal dust that penetrated everywhere, leaving a đen giòn film over every surface.

It is estimated that by year 2000 gold production in the country will have reached 15 tonnes a year.

In contrast, specific weight is used as a quality measure because it generally indicates flour yield per tonne of grain.

The suspended sediment yield from the logging activities amounts đồ sộ 28.3 metric tonne/ha/yr.

Finally, he had received the tonne of coal in exchange for 50 kilograms of wheat, 50 kilograms of barley and 600 grams of lard.

We estimated world production could easily exceed 255,000 metric tonnes.

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At the kết thúc of 1985, it was suggested that the contract quota be reduced đồ sộ some 60 million tonnes for 1986.

The above study also showed that the bed-load total is 12.67 metric tonne/hr/yr.

It has a gross tonnage of 2000 tonnes.

This was three times the 214 pesos a tonne received for the 1.5 million tonnes then shipped đồ sộ market economies.

Over half of the national average wheat output of 4 million tonnes is attributed đồ sộ irrigation combined with improved varieties.

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The total water supply capacity is 2.304 million tonnes per day.

The rest fluctuated from 30 đồ sộ 35 tonnes.

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