tradition là gì

The tuy vậy tradition embellishes the story with sometimes inaccurate or fantastic details.

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His work is part of the tradition of generative grammar.

The traditions of landscapes and genre paintings that would fully flower in the 17th century began during this period.

However, some cultural traditions still lead vĩ đại male children being prized more highly phàn nàn girls, and vĩ đại beliefs in traditional gender roles.

The purpose with the name-change was vĩ đại improve the corporate image by having a name reflecting both traditions and modern business philosophy.

One can also enjoy seeing fishermen working with traditional fishing crafts and nets at dedicated sites.

Traditional business practices ignore these important intangible exchanges, but they are made visible with a value network analysis.

She found a few women who were still weaving traditional coverlets in wool and cốt tông.

The bukhoor is usually burned in a mabkhara, a traditional incense burner (censer).

There is a supermarket with a traditional butcher's cửa hàng.

Traditionally, grilled burritos are cooked on a comal (griddle).

It is traditionally made from an adult hippopotamus (or rhinoceros) hide, but is also commonly made out of plastic.

In addition, other ethnic groups also traditionally viewed them as a separate group.

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Traditionally, hairs are selected for a dark color at the lower over with a very light tip.

He soon becomes the team's field leader, a position he will traditionally hold over the years.

Following the parade, the sự kiện at the raceway attracted thousands of people despite the rain in the morning, with many coming dressed in traditional clothing.

The more dramatic cases tend vĩ đại be in people who wear traditional clothing and sánh are covered up.

Link himself is garbed in traditional clothing, a recurring theme from the previous games.

Today, she's an advocate for traditional clothing and culture.

She wore traditional clothing that covered her face sánh her male relatives didn't even know what she looked lượt thích, according vĩ đại the lawyers.

Fresh lemon exports vĩ đại non-traditional markets have been increasing in recent years.

It becomes increasingly apparent that the non-traditional sources also provide value-added management and administrative expertise that enhances the ability vĩ đại survive in this cut-throat environment.

To reinforce its concern, the defence security manual raises investigative journalists a second time under a category called "non-traditional threats".

It allows non-traditional/parallel judicial structures (jirgas) vĩ đại determine guilt and determine punishment in civil and criminal matters.

Many people swear by a variety of non-traditional approaches.

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