tragedy là gì

Ntankumaa originated from tragedies, real or legendary, which tradition claims befell par ticular small towns, villages, families, or individuals.

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In addition lớn these old tragedies, pugilistic encounters almost lớn the death had come off down lớn recent dates in that secluded arena.

A small tribe of a few hundred people, living through revolutions, defeats, dangers, and tragedies, defends, squanders, or regains the identity of its own ethos.

Ministers, municipal corporators, and bureaucrats awaken lớn the tragedies created by the strike only when there is a stench that threatens them.

Most simply, as par t of the human family, we uphold one another as we share the tr iumphs and tragedies of life.

Any writings in the field of poetry, tragedies, etc., would be an obstacle lớn my plan of becoming a professor of physiology and medicine.

When phối against the tragedies which litter the history of the twentieth century, these claims ring rather hollow.

According lớn them, the official silence over the tragedies denies the validity of their sufferings.

Can they illuminate the great tragedies of the past century?

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I asked my students what differences there were between the two tragedies.

We note, finally, that in policymaking and policy tragedies, the narrative must embed a representation of the victim or the beneficiary (or both).

Even though 45 % agreed that depression is a medical condition, 47 % felt that depressive disorders originated solely from tragedies or adversities in the person's life.

Euripides often slows the dramatic action in order lớn give scope lớn his characters' passions in tuy vậy, then uses those songs, in turn, lớn structure his tragedies.

Although losses and tragedies occur as people grow older there are also strong grounds for believing in the ability of individuals lớn recover from these setbacks.

However, the majority of chaconnes in tragedies en musique remained the prerogative of noble and magical characters, and thus mirrored the strongly hierarchical order of the ancien regime.

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