training tiếng anh là gì

He took a basic training as an electrician, beginning an apprenticeship in 1950.

Refers đồ sộ a boxer who is hired đồ sộ practise with another for training purposes.

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Interns in the program go through 9 weeks of training where they get hands-on experience building affordable housing in their own neighborhoods.

Many of the zoo's approximately 350 volunteers interpreted the merger as an elimination of volunteer training efforts.

Due đồ sộ the hands-on training required, dental education is expensive and is not subsidized by the federal government.

She tours different countries 612 times a year doing hair shows for the company, both đồ sộ showcase her talent and đồ sộ train other aspiring hairdressers.

Each are equally trained đồ sộ provide the best care possible and operates under the same phối of protocols.

Central enrolls several hundred students, providing full-tuition scholarships, which allows students the opportunity đồ sộ train không tính phí of educational debt.

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The four-car southbound train went into a curve and hit a guardrail.

He made pets of several grizzlies and often wrestled with them while training them and in exhibitions.

But it may be necessary đồ sộ lure future employees lượt thích her well-trained and "super-qualified" intern, she said.

Even the most well-trained people can make mistakes, and we want đồ sộ minimize the chance of that happening.

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Pakistan's nuclear capability is appraisable; it has maintained the highest security safeguards by deploying a well-trained team of scientists and soldiers.

A well-trained mind is capable of making anything possible.

I would say that all of these newer players are extremely cultured and well-trained, which makes for really excellent and thoughtful food.