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Victims varied, but there appear to tát have been two distinct types : known criminals or troublemakers in the community, or outsiders suspected of crimes.

And, interestingly, the relationship between an 'especially needy' classification and greater net transfers disappears when these ten troublemaker regions are excluded.

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Alytes obstetricians, the midwife toad, has for some time qualified as a troublemaker.

Organising unions, defending ' troublemakers ' and ending the blacklists went hand in hand.

Section 5 makes a brief detour to tát consider some issues connected with the rule of transitivity (a notorious troublemaker in subtyping systems).

One trial has been held at a football ground where the crowd was scanned for known troublemakers.

The culprits, then, are troublemakers and lenient authorities.

Large groups of boys are traditionally seen as troublemakers.

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Local actors play a far more complex role than thở the conventional image of troublemakers sabotaging reform as assumed in the dualistic tài khoản.

Yet for others, the atmosphere of ridicule angers them enough that they bởi speak out, albeit resulting in being marked as troublemakers.

The persons extending the invitation were branded "troublemakers" amid heated accusations that the gesture was really an attempt to tát impede, and likely shut down, vital research.

Instigators who start the process of internal complaint but who fail to tát garner widespread tư vấn will be seen as troublemakers and will become targets for managerial retaliation.

Perpetual troublemakers and the misguided always argue that they have acted in good faith.

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Like the old and discredited stop and sus laws, this is a superficial and potentially discriminatory method of pinpointing troublemakers.

We must identify the people who are genuinely thought to tát be troublemakers coolly and calmly, and away from the storms of football games.

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