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máy cất cánh trực thăng {danh}

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máy cất cánh trực thăng {danh từ}

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Vietnamese Cách dùng "copter" vô một câu

I can see users wanting to tướng build larger versions of this quad copter and increasing its abilities.

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And even though there are plenty of copters operating from the army camp, none of these jawans were transported in them.

Hundreds of missions, countless assassinations, heists, and untold stolen cars, bikes, copters, and planes.

While some took pictures of the copters in the sky, others clicked selfies standing by the metal birds.?

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The idea is to tướng see if the copters can work as a cheaper kind of air tư vấn for smaller departments.

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máy cất cánh trực thăng danh từ