turnip là gì

They also have a plant they cultivate called ' yams ', which grows underground lượt thích turnips.

He ate plums, cray fish, peppers and turnips.

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We have all got to tát pay more for currants, plums, potatoes, tomatoes and turnips.

They have suggested a grant of £2 an acre for growing turnips.

The last thing in my mind was that it fitted them for growing turnips.

In my part of the country, farmers have great faith in turnips.

We have not been able to tát get cattle to tát eat our turnips, and we have had to tát pay a very high price.

He does not try to tát grow turnips where they will not grow.

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An acre of turnips left growing in a field will feed 100 sheep for a month.

How many turnips come to tát this country, to tát start with?

Will he assure mạ that turnips are not food?

The farmer never has to tát take up turnips in the field from the ice and snow.

In addition to tát that, the crowns of the beet are equivalent to tát a crop of turnips.

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The only crop that seems to tát have done well is turnips.

The manufacturing of siêu xe wheels and the growing of turnips are both adding value to tát a basic entity.

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