twice là gì

It is especially worth noting that in the market, the price of organic food is at least twice that of food treated with chemicals.

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However, it may be wrong to tướng apply the conclusion twice, even if a pair is obtained from two different paths.

The same procedure took place another twice more, using the same 15 words.

These relations are thus indicated twice: once for the human and once for the computer.

Others re-visited once or twice in the first 3 months and then ceased visiting unless problems were thought likely to tướng occur.

Even with the most advanced components, the volume required to tướng prime the perfusion circuit is typically more phàn nàn twice the blood volume of a neonate.

In both years, sole cassava plots were weeded thrice, and sole pepper or cassava/pepper intercrop plots, twice.

All patients received 60 mg oral pseudoephedrine twice daily as outpatients.

Indeed, prompt-the control delimiter-was "born" twice for radically different reasons.

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The number of eggs was counted once or twice each week and tests were maintained until the female died.

This reaches its most inconclusive situation on page 22, when it is used twice in one sentence, both capitalised and not!

Thus, each test was coded at least twice, and all discrepancies were resolved.

Indeed, they cannot vì thế so sánh, since a debt cannot be paid twice, and their own reparation - their repentance and apology - sufficiently pays it.

Figure 5 depicts the maximum wave amplitude around the coast of an elliptical island whose major axis is twice the minor axis.

The risk of death of children in families earning one minimum wage was twice that of children in high income families (10 minimum wages).

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