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As a result, adults living in households with other adults were relatively under-represented.

The controversy is over the practice of drawing district lines for the purpose of making sure that candidates from under-represented groups get elected.

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In areas where minority ethnic groups are under-represented, it is possible that the views of a small but highly visible group can be easily identified.

Conversely, those less likely lớn enjoy privileged status, such as craftsmen, labourers and rural workers, were under-represented as litigants in the university courts.

Furthermore, these men, with their small workshops, were significantly under-represented in the electorate.

While some poor were selected from other areas, the lower socio-economic category of married men was under-represented in the sample.

This involves pre-processing the data mix lớn seek out those classes that are under-represented or have small tư vấn values.

It can be expected that especially outbreaks in households, restaurants, day-care centres and schools were under-represented in the study, because of under-reporting [17].

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However, the neural coding problem is under-represented in the book.

This comment addresses something that may be missing, or at least under-represented in the programme: the role of learning.

Injecting drug users may be possibly under-represented in our study.

Un-infected individuals held in maritime quarantine stations are under-represented and rarely observable in government papers and reports but maintain a voice in personal sources.

Furthermore, oversampling in the more vulnerable strata has resulted in considerable non-response, and thus the more frail elderly were under-represented.

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The youngest segment of the adult population is therefore the most under-represented in the personal networks of older people.

The impetus thus came less from employers who felt under-represented and more from tiệc ngọt strategists who wanted lớn broaden their constituency base.

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