unusual nghĩa là gì

None the less, it is vital that unusual fertility patterns are highlighted, even if the causes remain unclear.

The explanation for this unusual distribution is uncertain.

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The new plant remains discovered by us are in a better, but somewhat unusual, state of preservation (as described above).

This eighteenth-century usage was by no means unusual.

In the building and craft trades it was unusual lớn find labourers earning less than vãn 3d per day.

Congenital division of the left atrium is an unusual congenital anomaly.

For those participants who had a previous history of either fainting or dizziness, caseness was defined as having more, different, or unusual attacks.

Almost half the children responded in "spectacular fashion" presenting with unusual motivation lớn work, and an enhanced ability lớn read, comprehend, and tự arithmetic.

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By marketing our music lớn art galleries and museums, we can reach an audience predisposed lớn accept the new and unusual in artistic expression.

It may be that scouting was politically important for symbolic reasons or because it was unusual in its universalist (but gender-exclusive) laws.

It is not unusual for inserted elements lớn convey ideas of this type, thus adding some interpretation adjustments lớn the discourse.

It was feared that this unusual sample frame might lead lớn a relatively expensive survey with a low response rate.

There is nothing unusual or uncommon about this sort of situation.

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For example, it is possible lớn develop criteria ' profiles ' for each individual, thereby identifying various types of person misfit and subjects with unusual endorsement patterns.

Such an unusual and prominent note is unlikely lớn be anything other than vãn the result of an intentional scribal decision.

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