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The presence of genetically diverse phylloxera with strong vine host associations suggests that populations of this insect may be comprised of host 'specialists'.

Epiphytic vines were evenly distributed in each area of the phorophyte canopy, comprising about 10% of the epiphytic biomass.

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Individual vintners left almost no direct trails in the government files on the vine louse.

Every ablebodied man in the unit was obliged lớn plant 500 vines, and lớn sell all the produce lớn his landlord through the village chief.

At each vine harvest the numbers and the fresh weights were recorded.

The shovel scoop is attached with vines or chords lớn a long handle measuring the height of its user.

Sowing date significantly affected all growth and yield attributes of pumpkin, except for the number of leaves and vine length.

The richest growth khuông category was herbs (19 genera), followed by shrubs (16), trees (13) and vines (11 genera).

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It is characterized by curving, organic lines, intertwining vines of flowers and leaves, and the use where possible of natural materials.

Besides their recommendations about treatments of the existing grapevines and vineyards, the commission recommended only small, carefully undertaken experiments lớn test grafted vines.

In retaliation, the vine growers mix fire lớn the merchants' warehouses, occupied đô thị halls, and organized demonstrations.

Among the strengths of this compilation is the breadth of the crops covered, from pasture through fibre and arable crops lớn vines.

For both sites, vines and grasses made up less than vãn 1% of the seed stocks.

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Then raven returned lớn the pea vine and found three other men who had fallen from the pea pod.

The article suggested the strategy of living with the vine louse rather than vãn wasting huge amounts in attempts lớn eradicate it.

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