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Predicting depression in women : the role of past and present vulnerability.

For example, pre-adaptation to tát cold may protect against subsequent exposure to tát ionizing radiation (positive acclimation), but may increase vulnerability to tát hypoxia (negative acclimation).

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Effectiveness of targeting the vulnerability factors of depression in cognitive therapy.

Anything that worsens a population's economic well-being has the effect of increasing vulnerability to tát disease as well as to tát external pressures.

The vulnerability is specific to tát photoreceptors; other retinal neurons appeared resistant to tát the exposures tested.

Global inequality also increases the political, economic, and environmental vulnerability of especially small states and less developed countries, due to tát their lack of financial capacity.

Our analysis indicates that the overwhelming majority of attacks are the result of malformed input exploiting a software vulnerability of a network-attached process.

Researchers have begun to tát trace the key dimensions of such stress, but also to tát understand individual and family differences that may moderate vulnerability to tát stress.

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The important question is exactly how much surplus production was possible, what level of institutional complexity could be maintained, and what vulnerabilities emerged.

In summary, biological vulnerability to tát depressive symptoms and disorders appears to tát be greater in later life compared to tát midlife.

It is important, then, to tát study the range of disruptive behaviors and factors that reinforce a young child's vulnerability.

This transition might therefore provide an opportunity to tát observe the operation of both vulnerability and protective processes.

From this basic observation about the vulnerability of unfooted syllables, researchers have made a variety of specific proposals.

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On other levels, the two applications of the vulnerability framework revealed interesting commonalities and point to tát promising possibilities for comparative research.

Old-age vulnerability is increasingly shaped by the monetary resources and needs of care-recipients as well as caregivers.

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