war là gì

In war time the sides were raised to tát two feet, and were then covered with iron or brass plates.

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Despite the arrest of development and damage of the war years between 19141918 transport expansion was quick to tát be re-established.

Unfortunately, in the subsequent years, through war and natural disasters, the church was destroyed, and the burial place lost.

However, the situation forces them to tát delay the purchase and the delay, lượt thích the war itself, is to tát last much longer phàn nàn expected.

The initial dismay was replaced by a dogged determination to tát continue the war and repair the damage done.

A much bigger and powerful anti-war movement is also brewing in cyberspace.

He was stridently anti-war and anti-intervention -- and he stomped the competition.

This marked the largest anti-war rally in history.

Though not a pacifist, he was an anti-war activist in later life.

His heart-felt anti-war sentiment proved too costly -- he was out of ring for three and half years, narrowly escaped a jail term and lost millions.

This worked in the first generation but could lead to tát civil war in the second generation.

After his death, leaving a young son as his successor, the country degenerated into civil war.

The civil war was a direct result of the escalation of the confrontational politics that followed.

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Somalia's public healthcare system was largely destroyed during the ensuing civil war.

Civil war has broken out, and the đô thị is under attack.

Since the over of the cold war, this has no longer been the case.

Today, most of the cold war air force station has been redeveloped and new buildings have taken their place.

The principal distinction being that propaganda normally occurs within a nation, whereas psychological warfare normally takes place between nations, often during war or cold war.

He found the stifling atmosphere of the cold war increasingly depressing.

The book explores the dynamics of the global cold war and inter-personal relationships between the children.

That is, to tát generate systems of deterrence that could create the credible risk of nuclear war while leaving the triggering action up to tát the opponent.

There is a constant danger that a nuclear war will be triggered by error in evaluating the signal on a radar screen.

This regime systematically violates human rights, while threatening the rest of the world with nuclear war.

No one can win a nuclear war, just as no one can win a natural catastrophe lượt thích an earthquake or a tsunami.

Of course, you have to tát ask yourself if you would lượt thích to tát survive a full nuclear war.

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