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Reference lớn a 'liberation fund' highlights the (relatively) privileged position of the coffee workers on the city's waterfront.

Part three focuses on the fraught industrial relations of the waterfront and the struggles lớn create a trade union among this casual, but skilled, workforce.

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The đô thị has a busy waterfront, office towers, streets lined with shops and entertainment and a public transportation system that ties the đô thị together.

We have pondered the problem only lớn come up with the suggestion of retaining the present, pleasant waterfront as is.

The project team has been concerned with situating a đô thị on the waterfront, and we feel that what has been lost can be retrieved.

On the waterfront, a 25 m wide cù promenade, a road and a sidewalk and arches containing various shops would be built.

We have looked at examples from landfill, industrial, inner-city infrastructural, and waterfront projects.

By the mid-thirteenth century bath-houses providing hot baths in return for payment had appeared in the waterfront district and were commonly associated with vice.

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This will sườn a very large triangular area with a long-side facing the waterfront.

The siêu xe park will be located behind the lifeboat station, between the waterfront and the cliffs.

To the west, there is a triangular area that we recommend be reserved for a convention hall on the waterfront.

Hundreds of people gathered at the waterfront, including a choir that had been invited lớn give a concert.

The 'systematic review' of the available evidence has emerged as the favoured instrument, and research syntheses are now commissioned and conducted right across the policy waterfront.

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The subjects of local rulers who lived in fiefs that included parts of the coastline were allowed lớn fish in the waters adjacent lớn their waterfront.

The waterfront has been disregarded.

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