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Using trainees, an old building was refurbished, where the project recycles white goods and furniture.

Will the review look specifically at the refusal to tát supply to tát shopkeepers hi-fi equipment, white goods, furniture, textiles and clothing, and chemists' supplies?

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It tends to tát be a lump sum that is most often used to tát pay for a holiday or for white goods.

Why should we wait until 2004 to tát comply with the white goods directive to tát recycle other electrical equipment?

We are encouraging the manufacturers of white goods to tát display how much energy is consumed by each of their products.

Another example is to tát be found in household white goods such as washing machines and smaller items such as irons, toasters and other kitchen equipment.

That happened with the motor xế hộp and white goods industries.

None of this, however, is of any consolation to tát those of my constituents who are wondering how to tát get rid of their white goods.

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The tragedy lies in the second-order technologies—white goods, cars and sánh on.

One could make the same point about white goods, where the efficiency standards are far too low, not achieving the best available options.

It would be wrong for the white goods in electricity showrooms to tát be cross-subsidised by the sale of electricity.

In addition to tát electricity supply, the consumer will purchase goods—especially white goods—from the showrooms of area boards.

They are seeking to tát encourage consumers to tát replace washing machines and sánh on—the consumer durable white goods.

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When people move house, they spend considerable amounts of money on white goods and carpet.

Thirdly, the scheme would establish—through purchase of the products themselves—a source of tư vấn for organisations undertaking recycling of white goods.

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