woman nghĩa là gì

The works were associated with the devotions of pregnant women, praying for a safe delivery.

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There is something very stimulating in talking with this gallant woman.

She has been described as an intelligent woman with a commanding will.

Reportedly, he was a handsome person, and the object of compliments from women in high society.

As soon as he realised the nature of the woman, he became incredibly frightened.

So when the bony but bold silhouette of a woman emerged from it, she did not look lượt thích an illusion.

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The station's icon is a silhouette of a woman holding a newborn baby.

As she is searching for it, a silhouette of a woman comes very close vĩ đại her, only a few inches away from her face.

Ghosts of an elderly man have been seen in the pantry and an employee showering in the residence saw a silhouette of a woman.

By shaping the branches on her artificial tree, she formed the silhouette of a woman and decorated the rest of the tree according vĩ đại the holiday.

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