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The simulated pedigrees differed from real zoo pedigrees since mating was random whereas, in managed zoo pedigrees, inbreeding is usually minimized.

Specific antibodies were detected in 154 (10.4 %) out of 1487 zoo animals tested.

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This situation is more directly analogous to tướng the captive monkeys in zoos, provided with adequate food but kept under serious crowding.

Additional play materials, including farm and zoo vehicles, small figures, a trough, a bridge, and books of farm and zoo animals, were also available.

She is going to tướng the zoo with her class.

In the wild there is plenty of space for all, but in the zoo tensions easily arise over intrusions.

The case study and the results of the other on-farm investigations highlight the risk of acquiring severe zoonotic infections during visits to tướng petting zoos.

Furthermore, he had visited a petting zoo 1 week before the onset of symptoms.

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Two out of 11 other, randomly selected petting zoos (including one deer park) visited subsequently, tested positive.

During the initial field investigation at the petting zoo, samples of single fresh droppings from these animals and water samples from drinking troughs were collected.

In the treatment session, the task was based on pictures that showed a child crying during a trip to tướng the zoo.

The results substantiate that there is an infection risk for zoo animals.

The zoo, he complained, had failed to tướng acquire new animals and could not even maintain the ones it already possessed.

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If the camel was seen at the zoo, then 1904 was the year.

At present, there exists a whole zoo of such bases from the wavelet family.

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